On my radar

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful week. It feels like ages that I haven't uploaded a blog post. So sorry! I have been busy with, life! You know sometimes life gives you free time and then there's days that you are just swamped. I haven't been completely swamped just computer less but now I'm back and ready to blog my life away! 


I thought I'd share with you all what has been on my radar and I have to say I think it's all AMAZING stuff!

1. The Queen is officially back! I have been in love with Adele for quite a long time now. And I was sad but understanding that she took some time off after having her baby but OH MY, I'm beyond excited about her new album called 25. It comes out on November 20th and just YESSSS! In the meantime Adele graced us with the music video of her new single Hello! Yes, this song is on instant replay on my phone because I can't stop and won't stop listening to it. I literally had  a group text with a bunch of my friends where we just exchanged gifs about how amazing she is. 

2. Something else that is coming out in November is Season 2 of Serial! In an interview with Galmour magazine Serial creator Sarah Koenig announced that season 2 will be out soon! I am so ready and can't wait until I get a notification on my phone that the first episode of season 2 is ready to be downloaded!

3. Here's to crossing our fingers that this happens soon... Gilmore Girls Revival on Netflix! When Gilmore Girls arrived on Netflix, I totally binged-watched and was heartbroken when I was done with all seasons. Very excited to see where they would pick up and who Rory will be dating!

4. Since Halloween is this Friday I just had to share the Instagram of the photographer Gina Lee. During the month of October, Gina dresses up her daughter Willow into the most spectacular costumes. My favorites so far are Willow and her best friend Cooper dressing up as original musketeers as well as Marty McFly and Doc. So adorable can't handle the cuteness. Also so much props to Gina for being so creative!

5. Lastly on my radar, is Stella the lab who likes leaves. This video is amazing! Stella jumps into the leaves to search for her ball and always finds it... genius! Totally love it.