Gifts for a healthy new year

With the new year approaching, many of us are thinking about resolutions we would like to make. I have finally realized that resolutions aren't for me.

Instead I want to continue working on goals that I'm trying to achieve right now. Most of these goals that I'm working on deal with my health. I haven't eaten meat for eight months now and hope to slowly become vegan. Just how I can't keep New Years resolutions, I have to do things slowly. I used to just dive in full force but I realized when I do that I die down really quick. So doing everything slowly but surely is my motto.

In order to continue to pursue these health goals, I thought I would make a guide of gifts that can keep you and me on track. 


Studio Wraps - I haven't invested in a fancy yoga mat yet. I honestly don't practice yoga that often, to justify buying a pricey mat. But, when I go to a hot yoga class I always bring along my studio wraps. I think they are the best thing ever. You won't lose your grip, which lets you enjoy your class 100 times more. 

Jawbone Up3 - I personally have a Jawbone Up2 and always strive to get my steps in daily. It's an awesome thing to have to keep track of your fitness and get you off the couch. 

Flyknit Zoom Agility - I've always been a fan of Nike and their products. What I love even more is anything Flyknit. It seriously makes everything so pretty. I currently want these sneakers so bad! 

Essential Running Tights - I have quite a few pairs of these running tights and love them. Not only are they good for running, they are good for anything. I wear these to my kickboxing class and love that I don't have to pick up my pants while hitting the bag.

Talking about hitting the bag, I would encourage everyone to try a kickboxing class. I have been loving my class that I have started going two times a week. It's such a workout but you honestly have so much fun, it is worth it!

Foam Roller - After hitting the bag, you should definitely roll out those muscles. You will be thankful the following day. 

 Miir Insulated Water Bottle - I recently learned about Miir water bottles and love the whole idea behind it. With your purchase you will be given a product code that you can use to track the impact your purchase has made.