Gifts that give back

 At first I was going to do a gift guide to give to your host, if you had any upcoming gatherings. But let's be real, I still go to family gatherings where no one brings a gift to the host because everyone brings a dish or two.

So I thought instead of doing a gift guide for a host, I would do a guide of gifts that give back. I've realized that I am fortunate enough to live a happy somewhat carefree life. There are others that need help, this includes animals. Here are a bunch of ideas: 


1. I'm a sucker for candles. I just love that they bring warmth into a room, oh and don't forget the wonderful smell. You can bring your host a Yankee Candle and support Friends With Four Paws while you are at it. All you have to do is shop through this link and FWFP will receive 40% donation from every purchase. The money raised helps FWFP pay for current medical and foster expenses. If the website asks for a group number please use: 990085005

2. I recently went to my local grocery store in search for something sweet and came across Endangered Species Chocolate. Something you should know about me is I love pretty labels, they just draw me in. So I found myself picking up some chocolate based on the photo of the animal, but either way it was delicious. With every purchase 10% is donated to support conservation efforts. 

3-4. Sorry but I could't just pick one ornament to show you all. These ornaments are from National Wildlife Federation and support a great cause. For every ornament you buy a tree will be planted in your behalf, so this gift gives everyone something by helping the environment. There are so many ornaments to choose from, go take a look for yourself. 

5. Water is something that some might take for granted, but there's so many around the world that don't have access to clean water. MiiR is a company that first started with a stainless bottle in hopes to provide clean water to those without. Since then they have started a bicycle line and are now trying to empower education through bags. They are currently on kickstarter trying to raise money for this new cause.  When you buy a MiiR product you are helping by giving "life changing resources, through water projects, bicycles, or education, to others in need locally and globally." 

6-7. Another bag company that is passionate about education is Stone and Cloth. With every purchase made, you are supporting 25 hours of a child's education. There's so many different bags to choose from, I personally love the look of The Large Ruck and The Bucket Bag.

8. To stay true to giving back to education, I had to include Write Notepads & Co. For every notebook purchased, they donate one of their  notebooks to a Baltimore City public school. Each product has a reference code that shows you were your donation goes. 

9. I've had Warby Parker  glasses for a couple years now and love them but I am currently eyeing these Edgeworth glasses. Warby Parker is a glasses company that sells simple yet gorgeous products for a great price. For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is donated to a person in need.

10. Each week, Sevenly helps a new cause and creates unique apparel to raise funding for them. Every Cause of the Week item donates $7 or 7% to that partner. All other Sevenly goods donate 7% to the featured cause or past charity partners. Some of Sevenly's past causes are Sevenly + Girls on the Run,  Sevenly + Cure Childhood Cancer, Sevenly + Room to Read, Sevenly + Gentle Barn and much more. This shirt is from Sevenly + Gentle Barn's partnership, I think it's a great shirt that helps a good cause. 

11-12. I came across Hand in Hand the other day and thought their products would be great gifts for anybody. Their bar soaps and bath salts sound like a wonderful bath waiting to happen. I think everyone deserve a gift that helps them relax every once in a while.  For every bar purchased, Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and provides a month of clean water to children in need.

These gifts are a wonderful way to help those in need. I will be buying some for my loved ones to show my appreciation to them but also to appreciate everything that I have. I hope you buy some of these gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, let me know if you do!