Thanksliving aka the best day ever!

Yesterday had to be one of the greatest days ever! G and I woke up early and drove to Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary in Poughquag, NY to celebrate Thanksliving. Thanksliving is a wonderful day where farm sanctuaries invite people to feed the turkeys instead of picking one up to eat for Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the perfect day I had yesterday at the farm sanctuary I hope Thanksliving becomes  a tradition/ holiday for G and I. After feeding the turkeys, everyone was invited to roam around the farm and meet all the other rescue animals. I fell in love with every animal. I was constantly squealing over how cute and beautiful every animal was before gleefully walking over to pet them.

All the animals were so friendly and like I said numerous times, beautiful! G and I are still decided what animal we want to sponsor but we're positive it's going to be either Otis or Leo, the pigs. Otis and Leo reminded me of my dog, Baby. Leo wagged his tail as he saw one of the staff members and Otis, he followed G and I as we walked around. Otis also tickled me with his snout as he tried to pull up my jean cuff.  Chance the horse was also one of my favorites. As I tried to pet him he kept nibbling at my jacket hoping to get some treats. Here are some of the pictures we took:

Seeing all the happy and now healthy animals enjoying their lives made me a proud vegetarian. I seriously would love to open up a farm sanctuary later on in life and try my best to give animals the best life they could ever ask for. Now that I'm a vegetarian I'm constantly thinking about how we can help  animals and the world. If you are also thinking of ways to give back you can go look at  my gifts that give back guide for Christmas gifts


On our way back home we spotted a small farm that had alpacas! I have personally never seen an alpaca before so I was excited to say the least to see two beautiful alpacas just living life. It is pretty amazing that  just an hour and so away from the city, are places where you can enjoy nature and take some time off from the hustle and bustle of the city. We all need some time to get away every once in awhile and I think this day trip was perfect.