Can we just talk about how many awesome podcasts surround us? I wanted to write a post on podcast because none of my friends listen to podcasts and I honestly don't understand! There seems to be endless amount of podcasts that deal with different things such as meditation, interviews with celebrities, current events, varies job and so much more! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

StartUp - StartUp was the first podcast I listened to after I decided to look at the podcast button on my iPhone. G is studying finance so when I saw the name StartUp I thought of all of the things G talks to me about that I sometimes cancel out. StartUp deals with starting a podcast media company called Gimlet and is very interesting! You get an insight of what the process of starting a company is. 

The Mystery Show - This podcast is part of Gimlet, the podcast company that was started on StartUp. This show is so much fun, it deals with its host getting the answers to mysterious questions she gets. One of my favorite episodes has to do with Jake Gylenhal and his height. Another great episode was the cowboy chef.

Millennial -  I have been a fan of Meghan Tan since day one. This podcast is the most relatable podcast I subscribe to. I understand everything that Meghan is going through as I am also trying to maneuver my life in my 20s. Listening to Millennial is definitely a stress reliever and makes me feel twenty times better about not having a career just yet.

The Longest Shortest Time - Even though I'm not a mom, I have fallen in love with this podcast. All the stories share what parenthood is like and are interesting for everyone to listen to even if you aren't a parent. I binged listened to all the episodes when I was recommended to the podcast.

Hope you jump on the podcast bandwagon and fall in love with listening to podcasts. Let me know what your favorites are if you do listen to podcasts!