Advice to my younger self

Every year my uncle gives me a birthday card with what he considers his life advice: 1. Travel light 2. Save money. Ever since I could remember I would open my birthday card and read these two things. So far I've learned to travel light and have been slowly working on the saving money part.  

I started thinking about what life advice I would give to my younger self if I had the chance after watching HeyClaire's youtube video. Now that I have graduated college I have been thinking about what I would change if I had the chance. Like I would definitely take that scuba diving class or ballet class or pottery class as an elective. So I came up with this list. Im going to try to make this list happen. *Fingers crossed*

Anyways here are eight advice that are not in any particular order,  maybe you could also learn from.

  • Don't waste money on things you don't need, you definitely want to save any penny you have in order to go on vacation and see the world!
  • Be curious
  • You don't need so many friends, remember quality over quantity
  • Don't be scared to do things - just try things out
  • Read more, learn more
  • Remember to appreciate everything you have
  • Don't forget the little things, they always make a difference
  • Make whatever it is, work!

Lastly don't forget to just be you. If you have any advice for your younger self, let me know what it would be in the comments. I would love to see if I could learn from your advice as well.