Flashbacks of Amsterdam

Last January I had the opportunity to visit a couple of countries in Europe for a whole MONTH with G, my sister and my best friend! It was beyond wonderful and I can't wait to visit again hopefully sooner than later. Now that I'm reminiscing over last year's holiday, I thought I would share my trip with you.


Holland in January was cold and a bit rainy. But beautiful! I loved the fact that the airbnb we were staying at was in front of a canal, where there were beautiful house boats parked. 

The thing that I loved the most was the fact that we could walk everywhere. We visited Anne Frank's house, the Van Gogh museum as well as strolled around Amsterdam's Jordaan district and walked into every cute store we found. We walked ALOT! My jawbone steps flew threw the roof during my stay in Amsterdam. 

I of course fell in love with the bikes! Everyone was on a bike, gosh there were more bikes then cars half the time. We did not rent bikes, because we were a bit terrified. We all know how to ride a bike but compared to the Dutch, we are far from experts. Also almost walked into bikers many times! 

Since we rented out an airbnb, we cooked mostly at the apartment. We felt like locals going to the grocery store and picking up treats. Our favorites were of course the stroopwaffles, which we had for breakfast with our coffee. I even brought some home but they almost disappeared during our Europe trip.

I didn't take as many photos in Amsterdam as I wish I did. I was just taking everything in. But that just means I have to go back and take many pictures this time.