I just finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. LOVED IT! Maybe it's the lover of self-help books in me but all I can say about this book is YESSSSSSSSS!

Before I picked up Kondo's book it seemed to be everywhere, Ellen even talked about it on her show. I didn't understand really how a book about tidying up could make such an impact that 2 million copies have been sold. That's a huge number. But I totally understand now. It's a great book, that really makes you want to cleanse your life by tidying up. I have been decluttering and it feels great to say the least. I got rid of two bags one was trash and one I gave away. I also donated a bunch of books to my local library. 


Would definitely reccomend others to read this book and maybe even do a cleanse afterwards. Once you go through your stuff, you see what you really should just get rid of. And Kondo doesn't talk about filling yours draws back to its capacity before the cleanse but a little shopping never hurt anyone.( I'm totally going shopping haha)