Adventures in Madrid!

I recently had the opportunity to go to Madrid as a last minute trip. I honestly love spontaneous trips. I'm so grateful that I was able to get away to do some relaxation and of course exploring. Last year I fell head over heels with Barcelona and Girona. When I was thinking of a place to go I immediately jumped on the idea of going to Madrid to see what more Spain has to offer. On this trip I was able to visit Madrid as well as Segovia and Toledo. Since it was a spontaneous trip there wasn't much of an itinerary since we did zero research. I did however get awesome recommendations from friends on where to visit. Here are a couple of recommendations as well as places we visited:

Pictures 1 & 2: If you're going to Madrid (or are near the Barcelona area, take a trip to Girona) you HAVE to get some ice cream from Rocambolesc. Their ice creams are seriously delicious and just beautiful to look at. 

Pictures 3 & 4:  We stayed near El Mercado de San Miguel, which had some good tapas. Our favorites were the burrata and smoked salmon on toast as well as crab meat mixed with seaweed. 

Pictures 5 & 6: I also visited Mistura for ice cream. They had so many flavors and had a cute "chill zone," where you could also sit down to eat waffles. 

Pictures 7 - 10: The tour of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium was a must! Being the Colombians that we are, we love soccer and of course James. The stadium was beyond grand. The only wish I had was to see them play. Sadly when we were there they were playing in Seville. 

Pictures 11- 13: A tapas place that you MUST try if you're going to Madrid is Taberna La Concha. This place had ridiculously delicious dishes. We ordered fish balls in curry sauce ... YUM! Squid in its ink ... YUMMY! And white prawns.... DELICIOUS!!! I loved the white prawns dish so much that after sharing one with G we had to order another. They also had a extensive gluten free menu, which was greatly appreciated. I wish I could have picked this place up and drop it in NYC. I would eat here all the time! 

Picture 14: We of course went to Museo Nacional del Prado where sadly no pictures were allowed and Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia where pictures are allowed except for of course Guernica. Serious oops guys I did not know this before I took the picture and saw many others taking pictures. So here you go now you don't have to travel to see it. I also have to let you know I got yelled at for taking this picture, you're very welcomed! 

Pictures 15 - 21: We made two day trips, one to Segovia and one to Toledo. They were both very hilly. In Segovia we saw the aqueduct as well as visited the castle Alcazar. I honestly forgot to take pictures of Toledo, with the exception of my marzipan that I bought at Santo Tome. I was to concern with not to fall on the wet cobble streets, since it was raining . I'm accident prone when I'm abroad sadly! Luckily no accidents this time! Woohoo new record!! Let's celebrate that and have a glass of sangria! Oops too many exclamation points but I'm super excited about this! Last on my European trip I tripped and hurt both knees and got an eye infection that made my eye swell up! Seriously so annoying. Maybe this year is different when it comes to traveling and getting injured. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best for my sake! 

Alright guys hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with sangria or whatever floats your boat.