a vegan dines at Gramercy Tavern

G's birthday was in September which means we did lots of celebratory dinners. I decided to take him to Gramercy Tavern and I'm so glad I did. 

Being the type of people that leave things for the last minute, we did not have reservations. (This is totally fine since the Tavern is walk-in only.) While we waited for our table I had a delicious glass of white wine... no idea what it was called. (Sorry!) 

When we were seated I told our server I was vegan. (Side note: Should have definitely told the hostess when I put my name down for a table. I completely forgot, which was fine because they do have options.) The server was GREAT! Gramercy Tavern has a tasting menu and even has a vegetable tasting menu for the Dining Room. They accommodated me for my main course and made something from the vegetable tasting menu. 

 They also had GF bread for G, which is amazing since I often am the only one eating bread. I had sourdough, which was delicious. For my appetizer I ordered the tomato salad that came with stone fruit, almonds and basil. The salad sounds so simple but I can't explain how amazing those little tomatoes tasted. They transported me to my cousin's grandmother's garden.  

For my main course I ordered the roasted eggplant with chickpeas, and Mint. This was from the vegetable tasting menu that they special made for me since I was a vegan. This dish was so delicious and filling. I just looked at G and said why can't I make eggplant taste this good?! 

If you're ever in the city and are thinking about going somewhere to eat, you should definitely check out Gramercy Tavern. They have amazing food for everyone's taste.