This post is long overdue but I finally have most of the pictures. I bought two disposable cameras and keep forgetting to develop them. (Putting it on the top of my to do list right now!)

Iceland was on my bucket list for quite a while. I kept seeing pictures of Iceland popping up online and kept thinking "I NEED to go there!" When I saw that Icelandair was having a sale, I immediately jumped on board. We booked the trip for a total of six days and it was definitely enough time to get a lot done. 

We arrived in Iceland very early so we drove off to Blue Lagoon. Didn't really take pictures since my phone nor camera is water proof and of course I forgot the disposable waterproof camera in the car. (Yes I know I'm a mess!) The rest of the trip consisted of chasing waterfalls and becoming one with nature. The MVP of the trip was hands down my hiking boots! 

The trip was definitely one of a lifetime as it was filled with loads of magic. Being surrounded by nature was just amazing! My favorite parts happen to be when we'd come across beautiful horses and sheep. At Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, we even came across a seal! 

Disclosure and a big thank you to my friends that went on the trip with me. They took awesome pictures and let me borrow some!