A Vegan Dines at Charlie Bird, NYC

Being vegan has been great, only downfall at times is going out to eat with friends. When I go out with G it's totally fine because he already knows the deal so we go to our favorite "fast food" places that accommodate me as a vegan and him as gluten free.

G and I have always loved going out to eat, so this isn't going to change. It's important to know that just cause you need accommodations, it doesn't mean you shouldn't try to eat at certain places. That being said I always call beforehand and ask if they have vegan options or can make some sort of accommodations and I make a reservation if required.

 The other day we went out to eat with a couple of friends at Charlie Bird. (Like I said before, we called three days in advance and asked if they could accommodate vegans and made a reservation) So if you're vegan you can definitely go to Charlie Bird and eat a wonderful meal and enjoy some delicious wine! 

As an appetizer I had a delicious farro salad that they offer on the menu but the chef made it vegan for me and boy was that amazing. Seriously wish I could cut my radishes that thin! The farro salad also came with roasted snap peas, pistachio and mint.

For my main course I had some orecchiette pasta with marinara sauce. I also shared grilled ramps and of course french fries that were made with rosemary and sprinkled with some salt. The food overall was delicious and filling. 

A few blocks away from Charlie Bird is By Chloe. and their food is great but their sweets are my favorite. Instead of having dessert at Charlie Bird we went to By Chloe and picked up some vegan, gluten free cupcakes. Just thinking about that cupcakes makes me want to go get one!