A Vegan Dines at Cocoron, NYC

One of my favorite things to eat is noddles. Whether it's soba noodles, thick hand pulled noodles, rice noodles, I'm all over it. But do you know what makes noodles 100 times better some soup! The other day I went to Cocoron to get some soba noodles and boy was I happy with my meal. 

For starters I got a miso coleslaw (seriously one of my favorite things on their menu) and hijiki which is a seaweed salad. 

For my main dish I ordered the vegan sansai soba which consists of warm soba and wild vegetables (bamboo shoots, flowering fern woodear mushroom), deep fried tempura butter kitsune (simmered deep fried tofu), and scallions.


Let's just say this is to good to be even real. Yea it's the summer and you're probably like why would you order a hot soup with soba. Don't question it, just try it!